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Be Just – Jeremiah 7:1-15

by on August 8, 2015


I. The Word of the Lord –v.1-2
Stand and preach
Enter and Worship

II. Do not trust in words – v.3-4
Change your ways
The temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord are lying words
Unless you are obedient to the Lord of the temple
God has no time for lying – He demands justice and honesty

III. Time for repentance – v.5-6
IF you change your ways
And are just in your relationships
And reject all other gods

IV. The promise – v.7
Then God will bless you

V. The lack of repentance – v.8-11
Part of God’s ten commandments remembered
Idolatry will not be tolerated

VI. Return to God v.12
Go back in history and see
Notice what God did to those of Israel who were wicked
Idolatry produces superstition – correlation without causation

VII. Because you did not obey – v.13-15
God was faithful in sending prophets with His word
You did not listen or obey
God’s house is called by His name
You can trust in His name but not if you disobey

Notes and questions
God loves justice
God hates Injustice
If you obey, then I will bless you
Eventually the people threatened Jeremiah with death for his honesty (Jer. 26:8-11)
Are we faithful to God’s word today?
What are we trusting in today?
What are we worshipping today?
Choose life by obedience to the Lord today
God sends prophets in every age – listen to His word through them

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