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Brethren History – Levels of Ministers

by on August 17, 2015


By the mid 1800s the Brethren had developed three-levels of ministers


First Degree
Elected from congregation by majority vote
Installed by elder with handshake and holy kiss
Duties –
Preach the Scripture

Second Degree
Elected by majority vote
Elected from congregation or advanced from first degree
Installed by elder by handshake and holy kiss
Duties –
Call meetings
Perform weddings
Officiate at love feast
Function in absence of elder

Third Degree
Voted into position by the existing group of elders
Ordained by elders laying on of hands
Duties –
All functions of other ministers
Preside over meetings
Install ministers and deacons
Anoint the sick

Presiding elder – an elder chosen to be in charge of one or more congregations
Chosen by vote of congregation
An elder could be voted in as presiding elder of several congregations
Preside over council meetings
Shepherd the flock
Give direction to leaders and members

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