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God Demands Justice

by on August 22, 2015

Zechariah 7 – God Demands Justice

Judah was deported to Babylon as punishment for disobedience to God.
Some people had been left in the land of Israel – had created their own system.
70 years later God’s people returned and the people in the land were displeased .
Ezra 3 – 538 B.C. first return– Rebuilding and revival – they built an altar to God.
Ezra 4 – Enemies wanted to “help” but Ezra refused their “help.”
The enemies in the land: 1. discouraged 2. frightened 3. frustrated Ezra’s builders.
Ezra 4:12-24 Conflict and accusations of rebellion against the revival, building ceased.
God’s revival leaders/prophets are often accused of rebellion.
This produced the Samaritans – groups of Jews who had remained in Judah.
Long standing conflict between Samaritans and Jews –Jesus and woman at the well.

Zechariah’s message

God keeps a balance “execute true judgment and show mercy and compassions “
One side is: Grace, Mercy, and Love
The other side is: Truth, Justice, and Righteousness
Truth is the basis of everything.
Truth, justice, righteousness are the foundation of everything.
Fruit of the Spirit (Love, joy, peace etc.) emanate from truth.
Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth – love and mercy are means of application of truth.
Justice produces trust and faith and equity and peace.

I. Justice
He that rules among men must be just – II Samuel 23:1
Family – are children treated fairly?
Church – are there false accusations? Do some people have immunity?
School – are there teacher’s pets?
Business – are employees treated with fairness?
True justice and mercy and compassion is what God requires
What is justice? To not oppress the most vulnerable but to support them.

II. Injustice
Unfairness in: distribution, process, restitution, punishment
Tolerance is not justice
Love does not cover intolerance
Love does not replace justice
False accusations are not just –
Selfishness is the problem and did not focus on God.
Prophets called for repentance and justice.
Do not devise evil against each other
Returnees were ‘new comers’ and those who stayed were at odds with them.
Samaritans offered help but their ‘help’ was not motivated by Godly obedience.

III. lack of justice – v.11
Refused listen to God –
Turned away the shoulder – passive resistance
Stopped their ears – intentional resistance
Outright refusal to submit or obey

IV. You did not listen to my prophets – So, I will not listen when you pray v.13
God scattered them to desolation, Lack of justice brings judgment.

V. God’s eventual Divine justice
Christ as King and Judge
Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

Lesson – Lack of justice brings chaos.
Justice brings unity, peace, security, safety, confidence, fellowship, and love.

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