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Me On a Leash

by on August 24, 2015

Me on a leash in Reading, PA

Back in the day there was not air conditioning. That meant that, on very warm days, stores had fans running inside and doors open to the outside. (There were no shopping centers – stores were downtown in cities.) My mother and grandmother went shopping in Reading, PA. They took me along. Somehow, I walked away from them. This resulted in a frantic search. The little boy was nowhere to be found.

Finally, in desperation they went through the open doors to the outside. There, on the other side of Penn Square, was a policeman holding a little boy, Me. With great relief they retrieved their wayward child. Something had to be done. What to do?

At four years of age, I was not to be trusted. My energetic and exploratory curiosity was more than mother and grandmother could deal with. A leash. If they could, puppy like, have me on a leash, all would be solved. Fortunately, such things were available. A leash for a child. Complete with fitted halter and a long leash – a child leash. And so, the problem solved, shopping could continue with total peace of mind. No more escapades for me. No more panic for them.

For several years I was leashed when out and about. The perfect solution. Back in the day, that apparently was not a problem. Children had to be controlled and protected. Policemen were not always immediately present to rescue little boys. Whether this parenting would be approved today or not, I had to be kept in halter and harness. Actually, I am grateful for God’s protection and that my family took the precautions for my safety.

I have no memory of this event – only what was told to me. How did I get across the busy Penn Square? Where did the policeman find me? I have no idea. But, back in the day, a kind policeman noticed and rescued an innocent but errant child. Protected by a guardian angel – I am here today.

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