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Return to Me and I will return to You

by on August 29, 2015

Malachi 3 – Return to Me and I will return to You

Return from exile
Spiritual life was in decline
Repentance was needed
People lived in luxury
The land ruled by foreigners
Heart worship was lost 2:7

The priests did not honor God
God called prophet Malachi to speak truth to the people -1:2-5
People gave blemished sacrifices – a 1:14
Divorce – the wives of their youth were rejected 2:17

I. God is coming
A messenger will come first –
John Baptist – at first coming
Revelation – at second coming

II. Judgment – 3:5
Judgment purifies like fire and like soap
Judgment shall begin at the house of God
For divorce of wife of the youth
Peter says– all things continue as they were

III. Repent 3:5
Off unjust living
Of oppression of those in need

IV. Change your ways v. 3:3
Change to leaders – the sons of Levi
By an unchanging God – 3:6
An unchanging God who keeps His promises to the sons of Jacob

V. Return to me and I will return to you – 3:7
How shall we return?
Had forgotten the law of God

VI. Practical counsel – 3:8-10
You can rob God
Godliness has a practical dimension
Christians give less than 2%
Support those not cared for
Selfishness is the problem

VII. The windows of heaven – 3:10
Try me and see what I will do
Blessings of life
Pour out a blessing – so you can bless others
Pour out Spiritual blessings – So you please the heart of God
God is just
Worship is in Spirit and in truth
Worship will change your life

God’s people will be judged
The Church is the pillar and ground of the truth
God will hold us accountable for our lives

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