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The Family of God

by on September 13, 2015

The Family of God

The Spiritual Family- Who is part of the family of God?
Jesus said,
“For whosoever shall do the will of my:
Father which is in heaven,
The same is my:
Brother, and
Sister, and
Mt 12:50

The terms brother and sister are actually quite specific- Jesus qualifies them as members of His Spiritual Family. The family members all have the same Father. God is their/our Father.

Many will claim to be part of the Family. The DNA of the Holy Spirit is the criteria for membership. We are born again and are new creatures – ex-nihilo new creatures. We are brothers and sisters and mothers. We are a very special Family. We are the family of God. All are welcome but the requirements are specific.

You must be born again.” Those are the words of our Brother. “That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit.” That is what He said and that is what is true. We have the gifts of the Spirit. We live the fruit of the Spirit. We live and love to do the will of our Father in Heaven. We are the children of God. We are Family


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