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Cultural Dimensions of the Gospel – Part II

by on September 24, 2015

Cultural Dimensions of the Gospel – Part II

Respect the cultures of other people. They may not worship as you do or may not do Church exactly as you do. If they are not breaking any principles of Scripture, do not fault them and do not try to force your culture upon them. If they are not aware of principles that they should be following, teach them the Scripture on those subjects.

Worship Jehovah God in Spirit and in Truth. That is the Scriptural injunction. In numerous places the Bible expresses the worship and teaching of the early Church. Those passages are instructive for our time as well. We need to know what the Scripture teaches and adhere to and teach the doctrine as expressed in the Scripture.

We should not be creating tensions in our groups about details of culture. Many Scriptural expressions can be acceptable to God. If your group does not practice exactly what you think is best, either submit to the group or find a group where you can submit. Do not try to change the group unless they are in doctrinal error or if they have left their first love.

Christian woman’s head veiling is such a subject. Some prefer one type and some another. The Scripture does not spell out the specifics. Respect the practices of those who differ with your group. If the group of which you are a part has a particular practice, respect and submit to that practice.

“Let a man examine himself and so let him eat.”
Examine the scripture to see and know what it teaches on every subject.
Develop a culture that is informed and controlled by the Scripture.
Follow the Holy Spirit in His leading to know God’s will and heart for our time.
Do not allow the culture, no matter how Scriptural, to become the Scripture itself.
Do not demand loyalty to a cultural expression of Scripture.
Do live a life of absolute integrity before God and His written Word.

May the good Lord grant us wisdom and grace to live the life to which He has called us- out of darkness into life.
May He grant us prayer and worship and fulfillment in losing (and finding) our selves in Him.
May He grant us peace and harmony to love and to live life in faithfulness together.
May He bless us with relationships that show the world that we are His children.
May He grant us discernment to live our lives in integrity to Him and His people, the Church as His body here on earth.
May He grant His children discernment and humility to recognize each other as we live here in this world.
May he deliver us from the error of thinking that loyalty to any system is the same as absolute fidelity to Him.
May He show us how great things we must suffer for Him.
May He return quickly and receive us to Himself.


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