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The Holy Spirit in Acts 8:4-25

by on October 2, 2015

The Holy Spirit in Acts 8:4-25

Intro – The new Church was growing dramatically. Religious leaders were being converted. But, not all was well. The new Church was beset with problems. Some from without and some from within. Simon the sorcerer “joined the Church.” Was he for real or was he an opportunist who saw religion as a way to advance his already powerful life?

I. Simon the sorcerer/magician v.9-11
He is self-proclaimed – “I am someone great”
He has the attention of the people
The people gave heed to him
He has power over the people
They attributed his power to God
He “bewitched them”

II. Many believed v.12
Philip was preaching
He was preaching about the Kingdom of God in the name of Jesus Christ
Many men and women were baptized

III. Simon also believed v. 13
He was baptized
He followed Philip
He was amazed when he saw the miracles

IV. Samaria v.14-17
Samaria had received the word of God
Peter and John were sent to Samaria
They prayed for the Samaritans to receive the Holy Spirit
The Samaritans had only been baptized in the name of Jesus
Peter and John laid hands on the Samaritans who then received the Holy Spirit

V. Simon wants that power v.18-19
Simon offered to pay for the ability to impart the Holy Spirit
He wanted that kind of power
He wanted to be able to impart the Holy Spirit to others by laying on his hands

VI. Peter’s response v.20-25
A. The Holy Spirit cannot be purchased with money
Your money will perish with you
You are not thinking correctly
B. Your heart is not right with God
Therefore you have no part in this matter
C. REPENT of your wickedness
You need to pray so that the intents of your heart may be forgiven
D. You are poisoned by bitterness
You are bound by iniquity
E. Simon, “You pray for me”
So judgment will not be on me
F. The Apostles continued to preach the word of God as they returned to Jerusalem

Why do people give attention to impressive persons who are dishonest?
Can people be bewitched/deceived today?
Why do people follow deceptive persons?
Why is discernment lacking?
What does it mean to repent?
Did Simon repent?
Why must we repent of the “thoughts of our hearts?”
Simon believed, was baptized, and followed the apostles but his heart was not right.

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