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Geldings are Fruitful

by on October 4, 2015

Geldings are Fruitful

Geldings do not reproduce biologically, but sadly, geldings do reproduce morally and philosophically. Geldings produce geldings. We do not need more geldings. We need more real men with heart and Spirit and courage and the ability to walk fearlessly into the battle in a way that brings courage to those around them and brings correction and the purpose of God to their world.

Geldings are drones. They are ordered around by the queen bee. They are not trained to think but they are ordered to follow, lock-step in the burden-carrying lines. They are strong but defenseless. Their heart has been removed. Their will crushed. They have no spirit. They are living only to pull the load dictated by the owner.

They look the part but their heart is gone. They know the whip and the lash but the spirit of wonder is gone. The spirit of romance is gone. The Spirit of God is gone.

We have politicians and cowboys. But where are the men? Where are the real men?

Where are the Calebs and where are the Joshuas and where are the Daniels? Where, I say? Where are the men who cannot be bought or sold?
Men who will die before they cause dishonor.
Men who will treat all with respect and dignity.
Men who will face down the corruption around them.
Men who will call it sin.
Men who will not participate in wrong.
Men who obey the Spirit of God without question.
Men whose words are consistent with their lives.
Men who can be trusted implicitly.
Men who do not gossip.
Men who do not falsely accuse.
Men who fear only to break the heart of God.
Men who pull more than their share of the load.
Men who are not geldings.

Men who are not controlled by bit and bridle, but are guided by the eye of God. Men whose powerful energies are sourced in the Holy Spirit dwelling in them so they do not sin and are not caught and blindsided by deception. Men who are not Spiritually blind. Men with the discernment and understanding and wisdom of Almighty God. Men controlled by no one but the Only One. Men who live for the audience-of-One. Men with the regal carriage of Jesus Christ Himself. Men with a clear countenance and pure heart.

These men are not drones. These men are productive in all and every way. These men are men whose watchword is the Word of God.

Men, God is calling you today. Get your heart right with God if it is not. Put your shoulder to the wheel. Enlist your energies for the King of Kings. The time is late. This is your hour. Stop the nonsense. Stop being called away from your real calling. Time is short. Eternity is long. It is time to renounce the gelding behaviors. It is time to reproduce the life of God in you.

Be watchful
Stand firm in the faith
Act like men
Be strong
Let all things be done in love
I Corinthians 16:13-14

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