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Saul Meets the Lord

by on October 9, 2015

Saul meets the Lord Acts 9:1-31 – A Light From Heaven
The Wise Master Builder

Intro – from honest error and persecution to honest faith, truth and suffering

I. Persecution – Saul was honestly in error in persecuting the Church v.1-2

II. The Light is Jesus v.3-9 The dramatic conversion of Saul to Paul

III. Ananias v.10-1
Obedient to the Spirit of God

IV. The Lord said,
Go to him
He is chosen vessel
To bear my name to the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel
I will show him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake

V. Conversion v.17-18
Jesus dramatically entered and changed this life

VI. ‘Joining the Church’ – v. 19
He spent days with the disciples

Three year Gap – Galatians 1:11-24 Paul’s preparation for ministry

VII. Preaching and amazement v.20-22
Paul used his training to the glory of God and the amazement of the people

VIII. Religious leaders v.23-25
Kill him!

IX. Barnabas v.26-28
This trusting man was not afraid to risk his reputation for Saul

X. Kill him! – v.29 Acts 25:3
Why are the religious leaders so distressed?

XI. Rest for the Church – v.30-31
They were edified
They walked in the fear of the Lord – (not the fear of man)
They walked in the comfort of the Holy Spirit
The Church multiplied

XII. Freedom gave time to spread the Gospel – v.32-43
Preaching and healings
The church has had many opportunities and frontiers
Today – youth in Asia, Nepal, China,

Notes and questions
When people truly meet the Lord – their lives change
Saul, the hunter became Paul, the hunted
Paul’s emotional health/stability in light of his previous sins
No more bullies
Bullies become givers
The church has peace
They build each other up
Religious leaders try to destroy them – Why?
The early Church was persecuted by religious leaders
Persecuting Christians is persecuting Christ because the Church is His body
There is the real Church of Jesus Christ and the false church
The false church persecutes and falsely accuses the true Church of Jesus Christ
Paul was the greatest of the early apostles – the Wise Master Builder
God uses mysterious ways to build His Kingdom

Saul was Spiritually blind -How can we know when we (like Saul) are in error?
Did Paul’s early error help him to understand the perspective of the opposition?
What experiences of your life have prepared you to be part of the true Church?

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