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Trust the Holy Spirit – Acts 11

by on October 24, 2015

Trust the Holy Spirit Acts 11

I. The Holy Speaks
Apostle Peter heard the Spirit speak to him
v. 7, 9,
The Holy Spirit told Peter what to do
v. 12,
The Holy Spirit fell on the Gentiles when Peter began to speak
They were baptized with the Holy Spirit

II. The Holy Spirit filled Barnabas
He exhorted them all
That they would cleave to the Lord with purpose of heart
He was full of the Holy Spirit
He was full of faith
Many people were added to the Lord

III. The Holy Spirit filled the prophets
They came from Jerusalem to Antioch
The Holy Spirit told Agabus about a coming drought
He stood up and announced the message
The disciples determined to send relief to the Judean brethren

IV. The Holy Spirit changes our speech
If your life is controlled by the Holy Spirit your speech will change
Perhaps by speaking in tongues
But there will be no more:
Vile speech

There will be:
Seasoned with grace
Biblical confrontation
Messages from the Holy Spirit
Love, joy, peace and all other fruit of the Spirit
Spiritual discernment and wisdom
Self-control in action and language


May you trust and follow and obey the Holy Spirit today

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