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Election’s Reflections

by on November 11, 2015

Election’s Reflections

Politicians and Team Players

Politicians want their man to win.
Team players want the team to win.

Politicians want their man or woman in power, whether right or wrong.
Team players want the best man because he is the right man.

It is a simple question of loyalty or integrity.

Politicians equal loyalty.
Team players equal integrity.

Loyalty produces politicians.
Integrity produces team players.

Politicians fear truth. Godly people welcome truth.
That is how you can tell the difference.

That is politics – pure and simple.
When that happens in the church, it is not The Church.

The Church of Jesus Christ is a matter of character.
The qualifications for leaders in the Church are primarily character.

The Holy Spirit of God produces men and women of Christian character.
This world system produces politicians.

Politics has no place in the Church.
The hypocrisy of politics seems to be obvious to everybody except the politicians.

Politicians attempt to defame people of truth with false accusations.
That is the only way they can attack Godly people of integrity.

We are all human. We have all made mistakes.
Mistakes are not the same as character flaws or intentional misrepresentation.

May the Holy Spirit of our Good God deliver us from the tyranny of the evil systems of the gods of this world –
And transform us into the freedom of the Kingdom of His dear Son.

May the Holy Spirit of our good God deliver us from the Spiritual blindness of the false religions of the evil systems of this world –
And transform us into men and women whose Spiritual eyes and hearts are opened to ‘Him with whom we have to do.’

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