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A Winter Family Tradition

by on November 21, 2015

A Winter Family Tradition

Each winter my grandpa would pick out some beautiful ears of corn from our corn fields. He would shell them and roast the shiny new kernels in the oven and then grind them in his little mill. The product – corn meal. That was our winter staple.

We are corn meal like hot cereal. Cooked long in a big kettle and served hot for breakfast or supper, it was our winter fare. It was affectionately (or otherwise) called mush. We stirred in a little honey and drowned it in fresh milk. Um-um! I can taste it now.

Times were simpler then. Today some people have never heard of, much less tasted, fresh mush. They do not know what they are missing. Compared to the modern, colorful, processed, breakfast cereals, there is no comparison. But, in simpler times, we devoured the tasty treat that broke our morning fast and off we went to work or school adequately braced for what ever the day had to offer.

There was the economic factor also. Corn price then was one dollar a bushel. A bushel weighs 56 pounds. Two bushels would easily hold our family for all winter. That amounts to two dollars for breakfast cereal for all winter. As I said, times were simpler then.

This week we harvested corn. Some of it was roasted and milled into corn meal. We are ready for winter. Ready for another generation to enjoy the benefits of simple pleasure of mush for breakfast.

As I picked out the nicest ears of corn, my mind went back to grandpa doing the same thing while I watched many years ago. Yesterday my son and his little daughters helped with the corn.

Now I am the grandpa. I milled the corn into corn meal to share with the family. It is a family tradition.

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