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Teach the Truth

by on November 28, 2015

Teach the Truth of the Word of God
Paul at Corinth – Acts 18:1-11

Intro – Paul was a teacher
Eph 4:11 lists teachers as a gift from Christ to the Church

I. Teach with those who have a heart to work together – v.3
A. The camaraderie and blessing of manual work
B. Support yourself as a “tent-maker”

II. Teach the Word – v.4-5
A. By reasoning
B. By persuasion
C. By being pressed by the Holy Spirit
D. By testifying that Jesus is the Christ
E. To both Jews and Greeks – (those who know about God and those who do not)
F. By knowing the Word of God

III. Teach the Word in the face of opposition – v.6
A. Some will resist and oppose the truth
B. Some will blaspheme
C. All must be held accountable

IV. Teach those who will accept the truth of the Word of God – v.7
A. Depart from those who reject the truth
B. They are guilty but you will be clean if you faithfully teach the Word
C. Teach those who will accept the truth
D. Justus open his house to the teachers
E. Some persons of influence will accept the truth – v.8
F. Many others will accept the truth

V. Teach with the confidence of God’s presence – v.9-10
A. The Lord teaches the teachers
B. “Be not afraid”
C. Speak
D. Do not be silent just to keep peace
E. “I am with you”
F. No one shall hurt you
E. There is blessing and safety in places where God has many people


Teaching the Word – Theology is important
Some hearts are not good soil for the seed of the Word to grow
The “fallow ground” of the heart must be broken up before the seed can grow
Are you among those who accept the truth or those who reject it?
You have two choices – truth or politics – which will you choose?
Paul’s teaching was from the Old Testament – that was their “Bible”
Being Noble Bereans should be the practice of all believers – Acts 17:11

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