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Women: You are Gate-keepers – Part III

by on December 1, 2015

Women: You are Gate-keepers – Part III
Since you keep the gate, your submission must be voluntary. God has given you the power. Submission is relinquishing that power to God. That does not mean passivity. That does not mean submission to authority that is not Godly. That is a gate that you keep also. Wisdom is the word. Wisdom sourced in God who gives liberally to all those who ask.

If you are single, do not despair. Singleness is a blessing – Discern carefully about marriage – is it what God has for you or not? God needs women to be wives and mothers. He also needs women who can put all of their energies into His Kingdom work.
Are you married, seek not to be unmarried. Are you unmarried, seek not to be married. If God presents you with the opportunity, weigh it carefully and choose God’s best for you.

Marriage is not the time for you to capitulate to a husband. Marriage is the time to be joined in a wonderful, mutual life of caring creativity. It is a time to be fulfilled as a wife and mother, aunt and grandmother.

You are the Daughters of Promise. You are also the mothers of promise. You are Eve. You are Sarah. Every man is born of a woman. Your caring nurture is our first taste of life. Your ribs were our home. Your body was our nourishment. Your heartbeat was our song. Your love was our security. Love us and then release us. We now need to seek the “rib” God has chosen for us.

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