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by on December 5, 2015


All of us are so busy. Busy is the new buzz word. It has been for much of my life. Not always though. I remember happier days – when we were not all so busy. Farmers had time to talk over the fence. Ladies had time to stop and chat with the neighbor ladies. We exchanged pleasantries and caught up with the local news at the country store. That seems like a distant dream.

Eisenhower and interstates made the country small. No more small country town travels. Travel plazas were open 24/7/365. Sunday was gone. No rest for the weary. Travel at break-neck speeds connected the world. Now, even privacy seems like a distant memory. The phone can ring during a walk in the woods. How and when can we rest?

Rest is God’s idea. He worked six days and then He rested on the day of rest. He made a day for rest. His idea of math is: 6 days of work is greater than 7 days of work. One day is for rest.

We need rest. Rest for our bodies. Rest for our souls. Rest for our spirits. Rest for our emotions. Rest for our relationships. Time to recoup and regroup and recharge. Time to be used for God. Time to be used for each other. Time to be used for rest.

We feel guilty when we rest. The neighbors might get ahead of us. Schedules are so tight that we carry little black books and/or digital reminders of appointments so we get where we need to go in time on time. We are worn out, be we get there. How can something good make us feel guilty? Guilt makes us tired. We need rest from feeling guilty for resting.

Our pace is exhausting. Our society demanding. We are frazzled. “Outatime” said the plate on the front of a car that stopped at our home this week. How can that be? We have just as much time as God had. We have just as much time as He gave our grand parents and theirs.

We are dogged by exhaustion. We are plagued by noise and light pollution. The modern world is eating us up. It is time to rebel against the robbers of peace and rest. We are captives of continual artificial stimulation. All of this makes our spirits defensive. We struggle for internal peace because our defenses are trying to protect us from the constant pressure.

Take time to ‘smell the roses’ today. Take time to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. Take a walk. Breathe deeply of the air that God made on one of the six days of His work. Enjoy your family. Talk to your neighbor. Bless your friends. Read a good book. Read The Good Book. Calm your defenses by opening your heart to His Word. Take time for Him. Take time for others. Take time for yourself. Take time to rest. Today.

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