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Menno Simons on How to Confront Sin in the Church

by on December 8, 2015


After lengthy discussion of how to deal with sin in the Church, Menno writes these words.

Finally, I entreat all elders, teachers, ministers, and deacons in the love of Christ, not to teach this whole difficult matter recklessly, sternly, and unwisely, but in the full fear of God, and with Christian prudence and paternal care, in a true apostolic manner, not too hastily or too slowly, not too rigidly or too leniently, lest they seethe the young and tender kid while it is still unweaned, but that they take the first green ears of their land and dry and harden them first by the heavenly fire of pure, unfeigned love, and beat them into pieces in the mortar of the holy Word, and pour upon them the oil of the Holy Ghost, which makes us willingly obedient to Christ, and lay upon it the sweet-smelling frankincense of a sincere and firm faith, from which all must come, and which is such a fragrant odor in the Lord’s nostrils, and so bring to Him an acceptable meat offering in His holy Temple. Lay it to heart in true love, the ground of my admonition.

p. 974 in CWMS

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