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by on December 29, 2015


Fellowship is an integral part of the Christian life. We are blessed and strengthened as we participate in all aspects of Church life. It is important that we associate with those of like precious faith so that our fellowship is in Christ and His Word so that we will be built and building the Kingdom of God.

We are a body – the body of Christ. We are the Church of Jesus Christ. As the parts of the body fellowship with each other, so we fellowship with other parts of the Church body and together fulfill the call of God on our lives. The primary Bible word for fellowship is koinonia. There are other similar words used for fellowship in the Bible. They have similar meanings.

What is fellowship?

It means to share in common the interests and experiences of Christianity.
It means to participate in sharing the emblems symbolic of the body and blood of the Lord in the Lord’s Supper I Cor.10:16-17.
It means to participate in the shared direction of the Holy Spirit II Cor. 13:14.
It is explained in I John 1:3-7.
It also means participating in His suffering Phil. 3:10.
It means being like Jesus Phil. 2:1-8.
It means declaring the lack of fellowship or communion between light and darkness II Cor. 6:14. This passage uses two words for fellowship. It uses koinonia and also metoche. Metoche suggests a partnership. In Heb. 2:14 this word is used to mean that Jesus ’took part in’ flesh and blood humanity so he could be one with us.
It is for the furtherance and fellowship of the Gospel Phil. 1:5.

It requires reproof of and separation from those who participate in works of darkness Eph. 5:6-16. The word used here in Eph. 5:11 is a somewhat more emphatic form of the word. It incorporates the concept of fellowship ‘with’ something or someone. It uses the prefix ‘sun’ which means with.

Also expressed here are the “unfruitful” works which are the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. Unfruitful works are not truth. They are falsehood and are not empowered by the Holy Spirit of God but by other, evil spirits. Therefore ‘we should not (actually cannot) have fellowship with them, but rather (by our words and lives) we need to reprove them.’

Fellowship means that all the members of one body are controlled by one Head and are all filled with one Holy Spirit. That fellowship is so sweet and meaningful that there is no earthly relationship more loving and binding.

Our hearts are knit together in one as He is One because we are one in Him. His Spirit has fellowship with our spirit and our spirits are joined in one Spirit in Him. The Holy Spirit in us resonates with the Holy Spirit in other believers so that we recognize each other in the Spirit. There is a unity of the Spirit. That is our fellowship.

We grieve for those who are finding a false fellowship with those they should be reproving. We grieve for them because God grieves for them and will eventually judge them.

God bless you as you fulfill the part of the body God has called you to be. Together we are the body, fellowshipping with each other and being the Church – the body of Christ here on earth.

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