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Offended by Goodness

by on January 7, 2016

Offended by Goodness

What if Godly behavior offends someone? Why would that happen? Why would Godly behavior be offensive? It happened to Jesus and if you are following Jesus it will happen to you also. People were offended by His good life and they will be offended by yours also.

Systems can use pressure on you to not make them look bad. Why would they do that? They do that to keep a system intact. Why would they not rather acknowledge your life and emulate your Godly behavior instead of being defensive?

A society that loses truth and love will be offended by both. They are offended by God’s truth and they are offended by real love. They replace truth with loyalty and they replace love with nice behavior. “Get rid of those who make us look bad” they say. That is far easier than bringing their own behavior into harmony with truth, love, and the Word of God.

Why do we feel sorry for the sinner who insists on living in sin? We should sorrow for sin but we also need to call the sinner out of sin into holiness. That is what Jesus did. He called sinning Pharisees to forsake their sin. He calls men and women to repent and change their ways.

Why do we prevent the conviction from changing lives? Why do we prefer the sin to the painful change of heart? Why do we prefer the preservation of a system to the call of God? Why patronize a system where goodness is suspect and sin is ignored?

The effect of allowing someone to live anyway he/she wants to live, always believing the best, even when the opposite is obviously true, is not God’s way. This faulty logic creates a lowest common denominator effect in churches and ministries. It is a compromise with sin.

Good-old-boy systems are controlled by powerful people with bad behavior. “Go along with the program or get out” is their approach. Biblical convictions will separate you from those who do not obey. Truth will separate the wheat from the chaff and the right from the wrong. Godly good people with Biblical convictions will always be faulted in religious systems.

Cain slew Abel because his deeds were evil and his brother’s deeds were righteous. That is the fruit of the flesh. That is the enmity between the flesh and the Spirit. That is the continuing war between the flesh and the Spirit.
Goodness and evil do not reside together, no matter how beautifully the evil presents itself. Goodness does not resonate with evil; therefore the war continues and will continue.

What had Abel done wrong? What was his sin? What caused Cain to eliminate his righteous brother? We know the answers to those questions. We now need to apply those answers to our lives and to current situations.

Nehemiah noted that the leaders had allowed an enemy of God access to the temple. That surely was nice of them. ‘Not so’, said Nehemiah. He threw out the religious imposters to continue the revival.

The Godly behavior of the Anabaptists made the surrounding society look bad. Good people belonged in monasteries, not in the public square. When you live Godly lives, you make us look bad. They were identified by their upstanding lives. That is the call on our lives today. It is the call from the Scripture. It is the call from our history.

Godly goodness will always offend those who do not live that way. In the spirit of Cain, they will slay their brothers. In the spirit of Abel, we are called to live and perpetuate that Spirit because it is the Spirit of God.

The world cries for justice and for just men who will administer justice. Not retributive justice but righteous judgment to protect the truth and the truthful and the innocent. “Do not judge according to appearance, but ’judge with righteous judgment.” John 7:24

That is the call of God on your life.
How will you respond?
Will you pay the price?

The light shines in the darkness, and
The darkness does not comprehend it. John 1:5

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