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A Thorn in My Flesh

by on January 13, 2016

A Thorn in My Flesh

Clearing some fence rows this fall I got a splinter in my lower leg. We have thorn apple trees and so, this was not just an ordinary splinter. In fact, it was a thorn. I scarcely noticed the injury until a few days later when it began to hurt. It festered and opened and then developed a scab over the injury.

It was on the back of my leg and was almost impossible for me to see. My wife opened it several times as the scab was determined to form. The scab wanted to form and close over the injury. I applied ointment and Lois continued to remove the scab daily. Finally, about two weeks later, as she applied pressure, a ¾ inch long thorn came out. Finally, healing could happen. The soreness continued but healing began to happen. In time the pain no longer controlled my life. The injury needed some time, some attention, some medicated ointment and some pain.

Emotional injuries are similar. They happen; often times at unexpected moments.
Sometimes over a long period of time. They can remain undetected but eventually cause pain and lack of ability to function normally. We need help. Our bodies and souls reject the invading injury but many times we need the help of other people who can see what we cannot. They can bring their observation and their care into our lives. They can probe the affected areas and apply the healing salve and keep the scab from hiding the injury.

Scabs like to form. They are the way the body protects itself and begins to heal. Unfortunately, they can cover an unhealed area. Eventually skin can form over the injury and it can remain almost undetected. Sadly, that can also happen emotionally. People who have unhealed injuries struggle to function in healthy ways.

The soreness in my leg has gone away. There is a scar where there was once an injury. That can also happen to emotional injuries. Healing can happen. Allow the pain of healing to happen. That is far less painful, in the long run, than a healed over injury that was never removed. Accept the love of invasion of your injuries. God provides agents of healing. Allow the care of healthy persons to bring God’s healing to your life.

Life is filled with injuries. Injuries of all kinds threaten to undo us. It does not need to be. Healing is available. Healing can happen. Life can change. Life can be restored. Do not ignore the pain. Allow it to call attention to the injuries. Bring healing to the injury. Allow God to bring truth to the hurt. God has words and Word and good people who will care and bring His healing to you. Open your heart to Him today. His grace will see you through.

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