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Rescuers and ‘Lost’ People

by on February 11, 2016

Rescuers and ‘Lost’ People

God has made some of His children to be rescuers. Rescuers find ‘lost’ people to rescue. Rescuers find their usefulness in rescuing lost people and there are plenty of lost people to rescue.

There are two kinds of rescuers.
One type has a calling to rescue.
The other type has a need to rescue.
They both find lost people.

One kind is called to meet needs. These people find their greatest calling is to meet the needs around them. They have discernment to know which are real needs and which are not real needs. They have real compassion to know how to meet the real needs of persons who need to be rescued. They know when to help and when to stop. These people are called and they are answering the real call of God to meet real needs.

The other kind of rescuer needs to be needed. These people find their identity in finding people who will make them feel needed.

Lost people begin to accumulate around them. These lost people do not tend to get along very well with each other because they each have a need to manipulate the time and affection of the rescuer. Lost people demand all the attention and are not willing to share it.

What to do? Real rescuers are patient but hold these people accountable and require them to grow. The people love to feel cared for in their state of need. They have many needs that are being met by the rescuer. They become addicted to this care. That addiction needs to be gently broken.

Are you a rescuer? Jesus was and is. Jesus met people where they were and He met their needs. He also held them accountable for their lives and their choices.
He exhorted them: ‘Follow me.’ ‘Sin no more,’ ‘Feed my sheep,’ ‘Take up your cross,’
He comforted them: ’I go to prepare a place for you,’ ‘I will send my Holy Spirit,’ ‘Let not your heart be troubled.’

We cannot make the promises Jesus made, but we can give the message of hope that Jesus cares and that He will meet their needs where and when we cannot. We can allow the love of Jesus to flow through us to those who have needs. We can claim His promises for ourselves and for needy people God brings to us.

Many people are lost.
Has God called you to rescue them?
If He has, you are needed
If you are the kind of rescuer who meets needs
If God has met your personal needs
If you are done with selfishness
If you are broken before God
If you can give without expectation
If you can bring the love of God into lives of hurting people
If you can see the needs of the hearts of people
If you can feel the pains and longings of hurting people
If people can see Jesus in you-
You are needed.

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