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This is War

by on February 24, 2016

Where will you be?

The Bible is replete with examples of Spiritual warfare. Both Old Testament and New Testament present the battle for truth and right. It is a common theme. In this modern and postmodern world, however, it seems unimaginable that we are living in a Spiritual war zone.

Life is mostly peaceful and we have learned the language of détente and dialogue. The only “wars” seem to be caused by those who do not comply and accommodate. Get along and go along – that is the word. That is the word in the world and sadly also in the church.

A one-world system is clearly on the horizon. In a recent world-view class the instructor emphasized the pervasive pressure of a building one-world system. That system is evident even in children’s literature, not to mention the obvious examples in advertisements and college classes.

All persons must join the amalgam into which the whole world is being pressed. Tolerance is the new word. Tolerance for all except those who hold to truths and values that they will not compromise. Sadly, the church is not immune to the amalgamation of wrong.

“Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished…” Pr 11:21. No matter who joins against God and truth – God is still in charge and He will be until the end.

Jesus told His accusers, “This is your hour and the power of darkness” Luke 22:53. This is the time when the reign of Satan has much rein. These are days that seem dark because evil abounds.

Even if we get used to the dark and the evil – its life is short. Wrong and evil and sin will eventually fall before he sword of the Word of God. For now we war against evil powers and principalities. There will be causalities. Some of us will die in the battles of this war.

Disobedient people do not like obedient people. Evil people do not like good people. Abel was the first martyr for his faith. He is listed in Hebrews 11 as one of whom this world is not worthy. Abel was a man of the Heavenly world. He did not belong in this world except to be a witness for His God.

If Abel was righteous, why was he the one who had to die? The righteous are the ones to be persecuted or killed. They do not kill, but they are killed by the unrighteous.
• Abel died, Cain lived.
• Naboth died, Ahab lived.
• Jesus died, The Pharisees lived
• Stephen died, the religious leaders lived.
• Anabaptists died, reformers lived.
• The innocent died, persecutors lived
• Prophets were persecuted and killed, their persecutors lived.
• Menno lived in poverty. Martin Luther was well provided for.

How can this be true? God’s ways are not our ways. He knows. He cares. He is there. He is here. Life is to determine who is for and who is against God. This pattern was established in the first family and is still the pattern. There is a carnal legacy and there is a Spiritual legacy.

Are you living the Spiritual legacy? If you are, you will be hated and persecuted, even by respected leaders. That is the legacy of the Spirit – for all time.

Another time is coming. A time when the Lamb becomes the Lion. The tables turned. Many hands will join forces. It will not matter. Sin will be overcome and destroyed.

Where will you be then? Where are you now? Where you are now will determine where you will be then. The call now is: Repent!

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