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Spiritual Warfare

by on February 26, 2016

Spiritual Warfare

God calls His people to Spiritual warfare
There is an enemy who must be defeated
Ephesians six tells and shows the battle and the weapons of the battle
Acts 20:28-32 tells and shows the battle and the dangers

War calls for warriors
Men like the men of Issachar
Men like Phinehas, the son of Eleazar
Men like Joshua
Men like Caleb
Men like Nehemiah
Men like John Baptist
Men like Apostle Paul
Men who will fight to the death

War produces clarity
There are many battles in this war
The enemy must be identified
Satan is the real enemy
Deception is his tactic
Satan can appear as an angel of light
Satan is defeated but is still fighting
He is determined to take as many with him as he can
Our Commander, Jesus knows the end from the beginning
Jesus is with us all the time

War requires discernment
Some enemies hide
Some enemies are ethnically identical
Some enemies are culturally identical
There are spies
There are moles
There are false brethren

War produces causalities
Some of us will suffer greatly
Some of us will not give up
Some of us will persevere
Some of us will strengthen in the battle
Some of us will grow weary of the fight
Some of us will get complacent
Some of us will fall to the false pleasures of the world
Some of us will give up the fight
Some of us will become heretics
Some of us will join the enemy
Some of us will be deceived
Some of us will become enemies of the Cross

How to survive the war?
Know Satan’s tactics
Know your own weaknesses and strengths
Know the Word of God
Know the Holy Spirit of God
Pray –personal, private, prayer
Trust the commander
Obey the commander
Realize the eternal consequences of the battle
Patience in suffering is the way of Jesus
Love the brothers and sisters of the Church

We are in this battle together. We need to stand together. Many times, however, we are alone in the immediate temptation. At those times we call on God and His Word for strength. Only the Holy Spirit and the Word can keep our perspectives correct in this present evil world.

Blessings to you as you fight the good fight of faith and truth. Dress for battle every day!

We know that in due time we shall reap if we do not faint.

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