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Abuse the Tragedy – Part II

by on March 16, 2016

Abuse the Tragedy – Part II Where are the Men?

Why do people abuse? Why would a grown man or woman sexually abuse a child or young person? Why? Abusers abuse and then the abused become the abusers.

Wielding power over another person can be intoxicating. It can bring a thrill. To introduce an innocent person to information that is not age appropriate can be convoluted fun.

Men who never grow up. Churches that shelter abusers. Otherwise, seeming hardworking and functioning men who can, in an opportune moment visit a wicked event on an unsuspecting innocent child. How can this be?

Assumptions that men have the control, beliefs that defend wrong, men who have immunity in the face of women who are silenced. Ministers who continually speak to women and caution them not to entice men by their behaviors or bodies. These are the problems.

Women who tolerate sins foisted upon them. Women who do not rise up against wrongs. Women who facilitate wickedness by saying nothing. These allow the sins to continue.

In fifteen seconds a boy or girl can be negatively impacted for all of life. Bullying or other kinds of abuse happens in places that would be thought of as safe. Schools and churches and homes can be safe places for abusers. They can ply their sins anywhere. They act nice, build trust, and then attack.

So, can no men can be trusted, not even the Godly ones who would rather die than hurt a child? When another man speaks in inconsiderate or vulgar terms about girls or women – what do you do? Men, it is time to speak out. It is time to speak up. Some of us can be trusted. Some of us choose purity and protection. Some of us keep our hearts and hands clean. Some of us would rather die than harm innocent or even not-so-innocent persons.

It is time for a revolt. It is time to revolt against the sleazy stories and the bragging conquests. It is time to destroy the demeaning images. It is time to demand integrity of the men around you. It is time to stop looking at girls and women as objects. It is time to call other men to our heritage as men; created by God to be protectors and providers.

It is time to see the hurting eyes and hearts of the wounded women around us. It is time to honor them, no matter where they have been. It is time to act in healing ways and call other men to stop. Stop their misuse and abuse. It is time to revolt against the image of men that Satan has pressed upon God’s beautiful creation. It is time to be God’s men.

Men – God made us. He made us strong. That strength is not to be misused. That strength is to be used to protect and love and nurture and care.

How are you using your strength? How are you using your mind? Are your thoughts controlled by the power of your Creator? Is your life steeped in God’s Word or has Satan moved in and taken over? Are you controlled by the Spirit of God or by the spirits of the evil one?

Why would you allow that? God made children innocent. God made girls beautiful. Stand in awe of that innocence and beauty. Protect that wonderful part of God’s creation. We are called to that today.

Men – we are stewards of God’s creation. He will hold you accountable someday. Life is short. Eternity is long. You will answer to God for our stewardship of His creation. Be God’s man to your world. Protect, guard, teach, by word and life and show God to your world. Require that kind of life of the men around you.

Be a man.
Be God’s man.

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