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Truth Will Rise

by on March 27, 2016

Truth will rise

Truth will rise. Truth has risen. Truth will always rise. Satan may have his way for a while. But, he is a defeated foe. When Jesus rose, Satan’s kingdom was defeated.

Satan is determined to destroy truth. Satan is a lie. God is Truth. Jesus Christ is Truth. He is Truth incarnate. Everything about Him is Truth. He is Truth. God’s Word is Truth. Jesus is the Word of God. He is Truth. He is The Truth.

Whose side are you on? Satan is powerful but Jesus is all Power and all powerful. He has risen. In defiance of Satan and in fulfillment of His own words, Jesus has risen.

In your life, truth may be hampered. It may at times seem dead. It may feel dead. It is not. It is very much alive.

Truth will rise and you can too. Have you accepted the truth? Have you accepted the Truth? Do you love the truth? Even if life seems difficult, the truth will rise.

He is risen!
Truth will rise.

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