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Abuse the Tragedy – Part V – Tamar’s story

by on March 31, 2016

Abuse the Tragedy – Part V – Tamar’s story

Tamar’s story – II Samuel 13

Tamar was King David’s daughter
She was an attractive, virgin girl
Her half-brother Amnon had lust for her
Amnon had a friend, Jonadab, who gave him advice
“Play sick and tell your father to send Tamar to make you some food”
So, he followed Jonadab’s advice
King David did not see through the plot
He told Tamar to make food for Amnon
When she did that, Amnon called her into his bedroom
He insisted in having sex with her
She begged him not to force her
“No such behavior should be done in Israel – do not be so foolish”
“I will be shamed and you will be one of the fools”
“Ask the King and he will allow us to marry”

Amnon would not listen to her – he forced her
Then he hated her more than he thought he loved her
“Get out of here!”

“Please, sending me away is more evil than the abuse”
He would not listen – he ordered the servants to put her out – he locked the door
Tamar tore her beautiful robe and put ashes on her head and went out crying

Tamar’s full brother, Absalom downplayed the event
Tamar moved into Absalom’s house
King David was furious but did nothing about the situation

Absalom plotted Amnon’s death
He killed him
Death and pain reigned in the King’s house

King David had sinned with Bathsheba – now he was silent about his son’s sin

Lust is not Love. Lust rapidly turns to hatred.



If you have never been abused, this story may be only a story of what happened long ago. If you have been abused in any way, especially in a sexual way, this story is your story. How could someone use and abuse you –someone you trusted? How could someone not protect you when they could have –someone you trusted? How could it be?

Many women and men live with exquisite pain – pain of rejection, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. There seems to be no one to understand. The true story of Tamar is the story of all who are abused. The story details the feelings of desire, innocence, trust, lust, sin, pleading, betrayal, rejection, lack of protection, and death.

The wages of sin is death – spiritual, emotional, and physical death. Be careful. Be careful with your heart and the hearts of others. Let not sin reign over your mortal bodies. Sin against the innocent is most wicked.

Jesus’ words ring out – “for those who offend a little one, it would be better if a millstone were placed around their neck and they be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Scarcely does the Scripture use such graphic judgmental language and imagery.

For those who are abused. Jesus is with you. He was abused. He knows.
For those who abuse. Jesus has the harshest words for you. He knows. He loves. He does not abuse. Those who abuse will someday stand before Jesus Christ the Judge.

Where are you in this story? God knows.
If you have been abused – Allow the pain. Grieve the loss. Accept God’s healing.
If you have abused – grieve your sin. Confess your sin. Repent. Change your ways. You are responsible
If you have allowed abuse when you could have done something about it – grieve your sin. Change your ways. Repent. Require justice. You are responsible

Where are you in this story? God knows.

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