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Abuse the Tragedy – Part VI – Biblical Counsel

by on April 1, 2016

Abuse the Tragedy – Part VI – Biblical Counsel

The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity I Timothy 5:2.

Men, this is the answer. This is how you are to treat girls and women: like sisters and like mothers. The way you should treat your mother and your sister is the way you are to treat all girls and women.

How are you treating your mother and your sister(s)? If you have mistreated them it is time to change your ways. It is time to confess and repent. It is time to grieve for the pain you have caused. You have caused pain in the heart of God. You have caused pain in the hearts and lives of God’s children

Should you go back to people you have hurt in the past? Not if it creates more trouble than it helps. Do not disrupt lives with your presence. If you can send a quiet, brief message of your confession and sorrow that can be helpful. Send it through a trusted friend without leaving a paper trail. If it involves family members it should not be as complicated to make amends. Just knowing that you are sorry for your sin can be healing to those you have hurt.

Be Biblical. Be men. Be Godly men. Be like Jesus. Now.

Biblical Counsel

Women- you are the beauty and glory of mankind. That is very powerful. Treat the men in your life with respect. That includes your father, your brother(s), your husband, and your son(s).

If you have flirted in overt and harmful ways to entice men – if you have defrauded by your words and attire – if you have not represented the heart of God in your life – change your ways.

No matter how you have behaved, no man had the right to abuse you. You are not responsible for their wrong actions. The men are responsible. The men should have protected you. They should have blessed you. They should have kept you from harm from others. If they did not they are guilty.

Be Biblical. Be Godly women. If you have been hurtful, it is time to stop and be respectful. Respect yourself. Respect all others. You can take steps to protect yourself. It is a two way street. You should behave wisely and the men need to respect you always – no exceptions.

The Bible has the answer. The Bible is the answer. Be like Jesus. That is the call on our lives. Women and men; that is the call on our lives. Abuse is never OK. Never for any reason. No where. When people are vulnerable is the time to protect. Not the time to exploit.

The power of the Holy Spirit in women and in men is the power of self-control. It is the control of the self – passions, lusts, longings, both good and evil. God brings self-control to life. Can you imagine Jesus with lustful thoughts or behaviors? You know that is not the kind of man He was and is. He is our model. He is our Master. He is our Shepherd.

All people are made in the image of God. Love them all. Respect them all. Respect yourself. Respect others. If we do that, abuse will stop. Now.

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