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Abuse the Tragedy – Part VII – Healing is Possible

by on April 5, 2016

Abuse the Tragedy – Part VII – Healing is Possible

Healing is Possible

What can we do to help those who have been abused?
1. See the offender as wounded and hurting
2. Help them to see how they can forgive the offender
3. Help them to see how they can receive God’s healing
4. Help them to see self as clean and pure and holy before God
5. Help them to not blame self for the abuse
6. Assure them of God’s forgiveness
7. Stay close to them in safe ways
8. Find someone to walk with them through the healing
9. “The truth will set you free”
10. There are many helpful books written to help victims
11. Help them learn to trust love
12. Raise men who will honor all women and girls
13. Keep each other accountable for men’s actions and attitudes
14. Not tolerate abusive talk and/or actions against boys, women, and girls
15. Teach our boys to honor all persons
16. Warn that abusers need to repent and change
17. Warn that known violators will be reported to the law

What should they do?
Acknowledge the incidents
Seek help to work through the pain
Allow the pain
Grieve the loss – cry
Tell the truth about the abuse
Tell the truth about the love of God
Accept the healing that God brings

The Role of Protection
General cautions/preventions
Speak honestly to children about their bodies.
Do not be prudish but be prudent
Protect them sexually and emotionally.
Keep little girls clothed properly –
Wearing shorts over their underwear is protective and wise.
Do not allow children to play unsupervised without knowing what is happening.
Honor and respect the children in the home as they grow older.
Do not invade bedrooms and bathrooms. Knock before entering.
Offenders can be men or women.
All sins must be seen in the light of sin against Christ.
Teach girls and boys about good touch and bad touch.
Teach children to not participate in inappropriate activities
Teach children to tell parents about any inappropriate behaviors
Teach children and teen girls not to be overly trusting in relationships.
Teach children to avoid persons who are controlling and/or manipulating.

Jesus was abused
Jesus was despised and rejected.
Jesus was abused verbally and physically to the point of death.
Jesus understands and cares for those who have been abused.

What about you? You can experience healing. God can restore the years that the locusts have eaten. He can bring beauty out of ashes. One day with Him is more than one thousand anywhere else. He wants you healed. He wants to heal you. There are many people who will work with you to bring healing. God bless and heal you from the pain and abuse of sin.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning!

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