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Jesus Between Two Sinners

by on April 7, 2016

Luke 7:36-50 – Jesus Between Two Sinners

The people in the story

1. Simon the Pharisee – v. 29-30 – shameful behavior
Had a surface welcome for Jesus – not genuine love and care
Was he looking for a way to catch Jesus in some technicality or moral issue?
He had prejudice against Jesus and the woman
He was a good judge of money (Jesus’ illustration)
He had some desires (wanted to know)
He was part of a powerful religious system
He was intimidating, arrogant, untouchable
Did he perceive himself as needy, in need of a savior?
Did he receive healing? Did he receive forgiveness?

2. The Sinful woman – unshameful worship
What was she doing there? – how did she get there?
She was extravagant and intimate – where did she get this expensive perfume?
She came to meet Jesus – why?
She came close to him – how did she know that he was a safe man?
Did she care what the Pharisee thought of her
‘Your faith has saved you’ – ‘You are forgiven’ – did she ask for forgiveness?
‘Go in peace’ – real love and real worship happened in her life that day
Worship is seeing yourself as God sees you – needy but valuable
Why did she not wash Simon’s feet? –He was the religious leader to be honored

3. Jesus the Master – loving discernment
Offered forgiving peace
A safe man – how can people tell?
A confronting man – fear God, not fear man – a threat to the religious system
Jesus knew the hearts of these two people
Can we have the heart and mind of Jesus? How can we do that?
Do you think that Jesus had sexual thoughts about this woman?
What does Jesus know about you?
Jesus heals physically and emotionally
Love, touch, understand love in cultural practices
Did Jesus love Simon? Did Jesus forgive Simon?
Jesus told the truth –
He challenged the system of the Pharisees –
He was not loyal to their religious system

Who are you in this story?
4. You – Are you the Pharisee, the woman, or are you more like Jesus?
Do you have the heart and mind and discernment of Jesus Christ?
Are you a needy sinner who has found the Savior?
Are you part of a powerful religious system that you defend?
How did Jesus respond to religious leaders? To sinners?

What is real love? Why were the Anabaptists accused of not being loving?
Because they refused to give loyalty to any organization, so they were accused of not loving their fellowman and the societal structures such as the churches.
Their complete loyalty was to God and the Scripture and the Holy Spirit.
They began churches that held loyalty only to Jesus Christ as Head of the Church.
When people understand love- their lives change and their churches change also.

It is impossible to be reconciled with people who have not been reconciled with God.

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