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“New Conservatives”

by on April 12, 2016

The “New Conservatives”

This term was coined by Melvin Lehman. He and many of us recognize the potential that God has placed in these young people.

These are the very many good young people in the Anabaptist groups. It has been a blessing to be one of their instructors.

Here are some comments that they shared a few years ago.
1. Why are we having so many church problems/splits?
2. Why is it ok for the ministry to fight and be unable to work out their differences, even to the point of splitting a church and impacting everyone and accountable to no one for their inconsistencies and actions? If we acted like this we would be called rebellious, proud, etc and be disciplined.
3. Is there not a middle ground to be established between focus on keeping the youth in line… constantly focusing on dress etc … and deferring some of that energy and be more proactive by creating disciplining programs for us?
4. Why do so many so quickly write-off and criticize the (current education) programs when they are doing far more to prepare our youth for life than our churches do?
5. There will be (many kinds of people) in heaven so why can’t different groups worship together on earth?
6. Why are we focusing on conflict in churches and fighting among ourselves rather than reaching out to the lost and hurting
7. Why aren’t men standing up and being leaders? Why are so many young men leaving the church?
8. Why are we so focused on what we are doing/rules rather than focusing on the heart and life?
• In what areas are you willing to admit you have failed?
• If you do not have the answers, why are you so critical of those that have another model and are getting good results?
• Why are you so threatened by other groups if you have the answers?
• What leadership model will best weather the end times?
• Is a large church group a wise plan? Is it a model we see in scripture?
• When we face persecution, will we be meeting in a different way? Should we consider thinking about that now?
• Why aren’t we planning for the future? Why do we just let church happen?
• Aren’t church splits God’s way of keeping us from trusting the people in power?
• Is there not a value in a church focus? You understand the benefit of focus in business. City mission, jail ministry, Orphans. Etc. Why do you feel you must do everything instead of working together by referring other churches where you are not equipped to serve? Would this not communicate love and acceptance of others?
• Why do you evangelize people groups you will not allow your children to marry? What are you communicating when you draw these lines?

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