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Life Boats on the Titanic

by on April 15, 2016

Life Boats on the Titanic
The Titanic could have held 64 life boats – easily enough for all aboard. The Titanic only had 20 life boats – not nearly enough to save all aboard. Incredulously, this was actually legal. Ships were safer than they had ever been. Only 18 of them did actually launch. There would have been time to launch enough life boats if they had been available. All lives on board could have been saved.

Some of the life boats were not filled to capacity. There were a total of 472 unused seats on the life boats. Many people on the unfilled life boats did not attempt to pick up people struggling in the water and begging to be picked up.

There was a scheduled life boat loading drill on the day of the accident. The captain cancelled the drill. Now the great ship with many of her passengers lies deep in the Atlantic; a legend of history and of the litany of errors that sent her there.

Not all sources agree about all the details of the Titanic tragedy. But, the sad truth is that the Titanic was “unsinkable” and sinking was unthinkable, so why have life boats at all. And why get in them since the people trusted in the ship.

Lessons can still be learned 104 years later. High speed in iceberg infested waters was a major factor. Lack of preparation and lack of interest in preparation figured significantly. Inexperienced crew members were not adequately prepared for emergency. People felt safe.

Lives were needlessly lost. Today the Spiritual lessons are haunting. Speed in dangerous times. Lack of preparation. Lack of experience. Lack of needed equipment. Where are the captains? Are they awake and alert to danger? Can they protect their charges? Are crew members skilled and capable? Are the people lulled to sleep or are they sensitive to the subtle and not so subtle hidden hazards of life?

Let us make the needed adjustments to our Spiritual lives and churches. It may soon be too late. It is preparation time now. Are you ready? Now?

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