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New Conservatives – Longings

by on April 26, 2016

New Conservatives – Longings

Spiritual hungers and longings

The key word for the new conservatives is authenticity. They have a deep hunger for what is right and a recoiling fear of what is not right and not real.

They are not so concerned labels. They are insistent on the content. Either it is truth, or it is nothing. They have a longing for the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of truth that Jesus promised.

They long for heart worship that is neither coerced nor created but spontaneous and deeply gripping of the heart. Worship that joins earth to Heaven and men to God and sisters and brothers together.

They hunger for meaningful fellowship – fellowship based on mutual love and worship and care for the needs of all those around the community and the global community. Their fellowship is transcendent of all geographic boundaries. They truly believe that “The Earth is The Lord’s.” A time of meaningful Scripture and worship and prayer and fellowship is “Church” for them – a meta-physical reality. No props needed. God is there and so are they.

They have seen so much discord. They hunger for peace and harmony. That seems like a mystery to them – an unreachable ideal – an unseen reality. Lack of harmony causes them more pain than almost any other malady. They look on in incredulous disbelief at the lack of unity in the older people. They are sensitive to the sources of discord, disunity and peace. They are not fooled by false humility or false accusations. They have very sensitive to any level of hypocrisy.

They hunger for stories of Spiritual victory in older believers. They want to see and hear truth lived and verbalized. They hold integrity over loyalty. They long for their own Spiritual victory over sin and materialism and anything else that steals the peace and the joy and the will of the Lord.

Transcending traditional lines, the New Conservatives are seeking God with all their heart and want to bless their neighbor. They love God and they love each other. They are hungry for that genuine, unpretentious love of God that will carry them through the trials of life and will transcend all and every event.

God bless these wonderful people. God wants to shape each generation of young believers to impact their age. These New Conservatives are answering God’s call.

They are God’s gift to us.
We are God’s gift to them.

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