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New Conservatives – Some Characteristics

by on April 27, 2016

 New Conservatives – Some Characteristics
Born around 1980 and after
Many raised in conservative Anabaptist homes
Many attended Mennonite schools
Many attended Mennonite Bible schools

They are:
Authentic – no hypocrisy
Honest – to a fault
Humble – value genuine community over self
Patient – with those who need patience
Not argumentative – will quietly walk away from meaningless conflict
Not agenda-bound – need meaningful reasons to participate
Not culture-bound – will respect but now worship culture
Not afraid to challenge – truth will withstand challenge
Not afraid of truth – will search for and live for and defend truth
Not materialistic – will sacrifice matter for Spirit
Not defensive – not time to waste on defenses
Not pretentious – nothing to prove
Not power hungry – knows the real source of power
Not politically motivated – let the best person fill the role
Not materially motivated – Spirit and love over matter
No allegiance to systems – willing to adjust systems to meet needs
Eclectic – knowing many sources of information
Hearts are good – all the way through
Talk from heart to heart – desire meaningful connection
Love peace – have seen too much needless fighting
Service oriented – meet needs
Been to Bible school – had teaching on many areas
Been to the mission field – makes the world earth “home”
Trustworthy – can be trusted to do right in all areas

God bless these wonderful people. God wants to shape each generation of young believers to impact their age. These New Conservatives are answering God’s call.

They are God’s gift to us.
We are God’s gift to them.

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