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New Conservatives – What can we do for them?

by on May 2, 2016

New Conservatives – What can we do for them?

It is now time to speak to my generation – those of us who were born around 1940 and after, up to about the 1960s. We are the boomers. We made things happen. We changed the church. We made money (inflation helped a bit also). We made progress. From horses to tractors. From bias tires to radials. From poverty to wealth. We replaced the greatest generation because we are the great generation. We are the people.

It is true that we provided much for the new conservatives. We provided comfortable houses, central heat and air conditioning, store-bought underwear, health and hygiene; vaccines, and Velcro. Life was good.

Life became codified. We made our own rules and we followed them. Even the Bible became a list of doctrines. We provided schools, Bible schools and businesses, and Bible school became a right of passage. They went in search of life.

We fixed their bodies, but what about their souls? What about our souls? Living things became commodities. Farms became commodities. People became commodities. People were bought and sold. Hire a man for the least you can so you can can what he made for you. Just because you can, does not mean you should.

True, this is America where all have opportunity. But, what about our families who cannot afford to send their children to the church school?

It is time to repent. It is time to change our ways. Our history is replete with lessons. It is time to learn them. We have made more wealthy farmers than we can count. They fill the legacy of our past. Precious few of us have made the Bible and our heritage our life. Our children know that has to change. They have changed. We may still have a little time…

What can we do?

What  must we do? Live out Malachi 4:5-6 by having healthy families and by forming healthy congregations. We do not always have to be right. We have lived with brains and brawn. Now God is giving us time so we can live with heart also. We can show love and care for all people. We can stop and avoid the politics of Church life. At this point we are still trying to convince ourselves.

Fathers in the home– you must have the hearts of your children so they will want your heart also.
Fathers (shepherds) in the church – you must have the hearts of the children (members) of the church so they will want your hearts also.

That does not mean to live without rules. It means that the rules must serve us and not us the rules. Someone has said, “We were not made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for us.” Loyalty to the rules cannot replace loyalty to the Ruler. Loyalty to the rules cannot replace love of the Ruler.

That means that we must live with heart. Our children’s hearts are available. They will give their hearts to someone/something. Get your children together and listen to them. They are big people now. They have things to say to you. They love you more than you know. Give them time and space to tell you so. They have been patient. It is your turn now.

As a teacher, I have been the recipient of many of their hearts. That is a wonderful experience. It is also wrong. Their hearts belong to you, not to me. It is time for you to give them your heart. It is time for you to have the wonderful experience of them giving you their heart. Your life will change when you do that. Their lives will change when you do that. They are scared. They are scarred. That can change. So can you.

Live the truth.
Live. The. Truth.
Live lives of holiness. We have fooled ourselves. We have not fooled our children.
We have lived for our own audience. It is time to live for an audience of One.

We have the power. It is time to turn it over. We still have the farm. It is time to turn it over. It is time to trust the Giver with the gift. It is time to entrust the gift to the gifts He has given.

Many new conservatives are not getting married. They do not want to reproduce what they have lived in. We can still change that.

Mend the fences. Do not compromise. Show them how to love. Show them how to live. Show them how to live with love.

We fought and we won. The rules are changing. It is time to adjust. The enemy is still the same. The face of the enemy has changed. He has formed us into his mold. We were so busy that he was able to change the rules while we were distracted by success. It time for II Corinthians 4:18.

There is still time. Teach them by word and deed (Remember Deuteronomy 6). Model Christian integrity. Display Joy in serving the Lord. The joy of the Lord is (can be) our strength. The Book is still true.

Shepherd the home and the flock well. That is God’s call on your lives.
There is still time.

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