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What is The Difference?

by on May 3, 2016

What is The Difference?

When Saul throws spears, David flees. He surrounds himself with a band of questionable men.

The ‘good’ men stay with Saul. It is safer there. The tried and true, the Man called by God to be the King of Israel, Saul.

What is the difference between these men?
They both have glaring weaknesses. They both have the call of God upon their lives. What is the difference?

One is broken. One is not. That is the difference.
Broken men do not throw spears. Unbroken men throw spears.
Broken men flee the danger. Unbroken men are the danger.
Unbroken men are afraid of broken men.
Politicians are unbroken men. God’s servants are broken men.
That is the difference.

Unbroken men are not ashamed. They should be.
Broken men are not ashamed. They need not be.

Broken men run away from unbroken men and run toward God.
Unbroken men run away from God all the while talking “God language”

Unbroken men even know how to worship when that is called for.
Broken men live a life of worship – they write and sing Psalms.

Unbroken men stumble and then defend themselves as if they have done right
Broken men stumble and repent and rise again.

Unbroken men confess just enough to get reinstated.
Broken men fall on their faces and confess and repent with Godly sorrow.

God is looking for broken men-
Men like:
These are men who held Saul accountable.
Saul had the power. They had the Spirit. God had the last word.

That is the difference

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