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New Conservatives – Where Are They?

by on May 4, 2016

New Conservatives – Where Are They?

They Are Everywhere

God is raising up a generation of young people who long to be personally whole and also long to have heart connections with others of like precious faith. They are close to God and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. They are keeping Spirit and Word together. They are our children. They are His children.

They are from all segments of the Anabaptist community. From the most conservative to the more progressive, each group has members in this new conservative movement.

It is quiet. Many of them would not really know how to identify themselves as members of a particular movement. There is a Spiritual bond that holds them together no matter how far apart they are.

Driven by hungers and called by the Spirit, they are everywhere. Do not be afraid of them. They love us and their hearts are right. They are not rebels. Some of them feel disenfranchised. Some feel frustrated. Some struggle with emotional conflicts. Some feel lonely. Most are faithful to God and to truth. They need some guidance, but they are good people.

Many of them are being used in their communities as teachers. Many of them serve on boards and committees. They are willing and available. Some of them are in business. Their business philosophy is to bless their world through what they do.

Many of them are considering marriage and many are getting married. They tend to marry later in life although that trend is slowly changing to younger marriages. They are raising their children in intentional ways. Many home school their children.

They are typically careful how they earn and spend their money. Most are very willing to share financially even when they really cannot afford to do so. They are willing to adjust their lifestyle to be able to do so.

They are finding that living in cities gives opportunity to stretch their dollars and their desire for missions at the same time. They are taking the truth and their valuable culture to the needy. They are using their culture as a door and not as a wall. Many are part of local worship and fellowship groups. This provides opportunity for sharing Spiritual and material blessings while influencing the surrounding society.

Some are taking the gospel and the truth of God to many lands on this globe. Some are risking their lives, not foolishly, but for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. Some will lose their lives – they will lose what they cannot keep to gain what they dare not lose. They are seeking truth and love. Truth and love will serve them well as they serve their Lord.

Truth and love will serve them well wherever they are.

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