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New Conservatives – The Future

by on May 6, 2016

New Conservatives – The Future
God is raising up this generation. They will not do everything exactly like we did, but God is leading them in His way for this time. They are His people. They are His witnesses. They are His children. They are answering His call. They are making themselves available to the Master who is raising them up at this time for His purpose and for His glory and His Kingdom. What will their lives be like?

Life is going to be more difficult than they can imagine. They will find their God to be more faithful to them than they can imagine. God is going to break them. (He tried to break us but we were too tough.) God is going to break them so He can use them more and more and more and in greater and greater ways. When they are tried, they will come forth as gold.

They will turn to God in greater and greater degrees. They will learn to suffer. They will learn to suffer with joy. They will be rejected by the world and will turn to the only Source of joy in that suffering. The world will hate them. Satan will cast a flood against them. They will learn Spiritual warfare. They will learn to know Jesus – the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering.

They will have demons to fight. They have wars to win. They have hearts to make pure. They have hurts to heal. They have churches to start. They have souls to save as they forget self and see the battle of the ages fought in their own hearts and in the hearts around them. They will overcome by the blood of the Lamb – they will have victory. It will cost everything. But, they will overcome.

They will learn what community really means. They find communion in community. They find God in service. Some of them are wealthy. Some are poor. All are rich in faith and they are learning to be rich in faithfulness to each other and to God. More than Mennonite their way, they will expand their concept of community to the whole world.

It is true that some of them were born with silver spoons in their mouths. That will destroy some of them. That will bless some of them. Some will use that blessing to bless their sisters and brothers and the world around them. Their legacy will be Spiritual.

They will learn that the only thing that matters in life is the glory of God. That their lives are here to give God pleasure. That the whisper of the Holy Spirit is the voice of peace and joy. They will survive crises of character and doctrine. In all of this, God is God and will always be and that is all that matters.

Church is where two are three sisters and brothers are gathered. Labels are labels. Substance is substance. They want the New Testament Church. They read Acts and long for that fervor. It is recognizable. It is palpable – Spiritually. It requires no defense. It is. Like God. He is. Ego Eimi.

Where is home? Wherever they are is home. The heart is home. Fellowship is home. God’s world is home. Not the world but God’s world. God’s heart is home. Prayer is home. Prayer is how they stay in touch with God. It will become more and more needed and more and more intimate. Until they are Home.

May the good Lord bless these wonderful people. God has blessed me through them and (I trust) them through me. Some of them are rich. I am rich because I know them. I am rich because they love me. The love we share is an instant bond. Near or far, we love each other. That is what life is about.
Love God and Love each other.
That is what God said.
That is what we are doing.
That is what God is doing.
Amen and Amen

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