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Happy Mother’s Day

by on May 8, 2016



Dear Mother,

I cannot remember ever having written to you before. The abandon of childhood was followed by the eagerness and frustrations of youth and now the cares of commitment and responsibility. The rapid passing of time has made it easier to take for granted than to express appreciation for the diligent efforts of you and my father.

Thank you for: hours of toil, miles of travel, moments of discipline, hours of patience, years of love, words of direction, examples of honesty, character, determination and faith.

Forgive me for childish wrongs of disobedience, foolish lies, and ingratitude. Only as a parent, now, can I really appreciate you as my parents.

You are now in your forty-fourth year. You are able to see as far behind as before you. With a wealth of experience and the stability of age your hopes lie within your grasp. You are privileged beyond measure to live in this time when we expect the Master will return to restore the Kingdom to His people.

Life asks much and at times seems to return so very little. Remember that, in due time we shall reap if we faint not.

My heart is not given to merry-making or much laughter but I want to wish you a sincerely happy Mother’s Day and trust that your joy may be in the intangible values and the priceless blessings of life.


Frank Leon

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