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Of God and Fathers

by on June 16, 2016

Of God and Fathers

Goodness and Severity

Romans 11:22 tells us much about God. It also tells us about Godly men and fathers.

God is totally awesome goodness.
God is totally awesome severity.

He will bless beyond our expectation.
He will punish beyond our imagination.

Godly fathers are like that.
They will bless and protect you with every fiber of their being.
They will punish and correct you with the same level of intensity.

Godly fathers will teach you and show you how much they love you by their unfailing commitment and pursuit of your heart. They are proud of you and want you to be proud of them. They will give you their first love and their last breath. They believe in you and will make it possible for you to believe in your self.

Godly fathers will not tolerate disobedience or insolence or lack of integrity. They will not allow injustice. They will punish wrong in your life.

On the other hand, Godly fathers love you too much to allow you to live in sin without correcting you and praying constantly that the Heavenly Father will speak to you when they cannot. Their goal is that their sons will become men of God.

Godly men are men of boundless kindness and intense severity.
That is what makes them like God.
We need them desperately.

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