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Father Bear

by on June 17, 2016

Godly fathers are:

Teddy Bears – they will hug and kiss you and make you their special friend.
Grizzly Bears – they will pursue you and protect you and hold you accountable if you do wrong.

Love your father today. You may have an earthly, bio-dad. You may have a Spiritual father. You may have an adoptive father or a foster father. Your father may no longer be living. What ever the case, love your father today. Thank him and thank God for him and his role in your life.

He likely did the best he could do. He may have made tons of mistakes. Forgive him. He loves/loved you whether he knew how to show it or not. Make him proud that you are his child.

If you do not have a father figure in your life, adopt one. There are good men around who will be there for you. Find one. You will never regret it. You will both be blessed.

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