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Called to Fatherhood

by on June 18, 2016

Called to Fatherhood

Being a father is a calling. We are called to represent the love of Father God to our children and to all of the world. We are shaping the next generation and the next and the next….

Wise fathers know when to be the teddy bear and when to be the grizzly bear. The right action at the wrong time is the wrong action and will reap the wrong results.

Wise fathers love. They love their wives and their children and all people and children everywhere. Real love is the essence of life. Real men understand love. They do not confuse love with lust on one hand or with passivity on the other. They work for the good of all and the glory of God the Father.

Love blesses and forgives but does not tolerate wrong
– Whatever tolerates wrong and injustice is not love.

Real men do not tolerate wrong. They correct it in their lives and in the lives of their children.

Fathers, we are leaving a legacy – it is not our own. It is the legacy of the God who has called us to manhood and to fatherhood. That is the call on our lives.

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