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by on July 20, 2016


Rest – 44 measures of rest

If you play a musical instrument in an orchestra, sometimes you are playing and sometimes you are not. There are times when you rest. The times when you rest are just as important as the times when you play. Sometimes it is time for other instruments to be featured.

Rest is not a time to do nothing. It is a time to very vigilant about what is happening. It is time to take a small break but to prepare yourself to enter the music on cue. You count the measures – 1,2,3,4; 2,2,3,4 – 27,2,3,4, – 41,2,3,4 –get ready, get your instrument in place, get your eyes on the director, watch for the cue, 44,2,3,4 – rest is over – cue comes your way, enter and begin your part of the composition.

If you are not ready, your contribution will not be made. If you miss your cue, you will not enter at the right time. Timing is critical. The right notes at the wrong time are not the right notes.

How like life. We are part of God’s grand orchestra. We are called to participate and to bring the gifts God has given us into the music. We need to know our time to play and our time to rest.

Life is not a solo. Prepare yourself. Be ready when He calls. Be quiet when it is time to be quiet. That is how His music is made.

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