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Spirit – Discernment

by on September 29, 2016

“The spirit alone can discern. The outward man must be quieted. The spirit needs to be kept fresh, living, tranquil, alert and free from outward influence. If there be any preconceived idea, it will immediately affect the judgment of the spirit. It is far easier to have a wrong spirit than engage in a wrong action. Should my spirit be impatient and irritated, its judgment will be impaired and become inaccurate. It is therefore necessary for the spirit to be tender, quiet, dependable and trustworthy. A slight self-righteousness will temper its usefulness.”

A spirit that discerns between truth and falsehood, reality and delusion and light and dark will be so needed in the darkness of the last days. How many churches have fallen to the wiles of false prophets? How many believers have been fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing? If you haven’t already, it’s time to heed the call to learn how to spiritually discern!

Watchman Nee

From → Christian Living

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