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The Holy Spirit

by on September 29, 2016

“The Lord has given us a spirit. It is not just for life but also for a new function. For the spirit bears not just God’s nature but His sensing ability too. The spirit is for work as well as for life.

It is God’s will that we exercise our spirit. He has to start breaking your strongest point. If emotion is the strongest, it tends to compromise the spirit. A self-righteous person is prone to consider his opinion as the intent of the spirit. What is detrimental to the spirit is a lack in dealing with the outward man. Such lack causes the spirit to be undependable.

The church today is in lack of people whose spirit is pure. A pure spirit is able to discern and give the right judgment, and it also releases power. The Lord searches for such people whose spirit is pure and deep.”

Watchman Nee

From → Christian Living

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