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The Anabaptist Church in 2016

by on October 5, 2016

The Anabaptist Church in 2016

God is raising up a generation to lead His people into the unknown future.

The generation of 20 to 40 year old men and women are the leaders of the Church that God is raising up today.
It is their responsibility to lead the Church now.
1. They understand their generation
2. God is calling them to do battle with sin and error
3. God has been preparing them to become the leaders
4. Many of them are well equipped for their task
5. They are focused on principles and integrity and truth
6. They are focused on healing and blessing the people
7. Their hearts are right before God like no generation before them

The generation of 50 to 70+ year old men and women are called to support and mentor the new group of leaders. Those who are willing and able are called by God to guide the young people into leadership.
1. We have the experience
2. We have the knowledge
3. We have the equity
4. We must relinquish our control to the next generation
5. We must trust that God is preparing a new generation
6. We must also trust that generation
7. We must lend our energy to the rising generation of leaders

What must we do?

We must know our history
We must avoid the mistakes of the past
We must confess and repent
We must connect the hearts of the fathers to the children
We must make Biblical adjustments to our beliefs and practices
Many subjects are being ignored – we must address them

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