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Separated unto God

by on October 6, 2016

Separated from the World or Separated unto God

Is it non-conformity to the world or conformity to God? While the net result may not be so different, the principle behind the concept is totally different. We can focus on the world and try to be different or we can focus on God and purpose to be like Him. The first way will result in a constant focus on the world. The second way will result in a constant focus on God. The first way depends on our human attempts to be different. The second way depends on the Holy Spirit directing and empowering our human convictions to be holy.

Separation from the world will create many different cultures as each emphasizes a different aspect. Separation unto God will create one body as each emphasizes the same objective. Our separation separates us more from each other than from the world. Focus on separation from the world has produced many different Anabaptist groups. If we could/would focus on being separated unto God, we could/would experience unity. That would be His work in us.

God said, Be ye holy for I am holy. Holiness unto the Lord is the objective of the believer. As our lives are lived for God and His Kingdom, we become wholly holy to the Lord. That is His longing for us. As we do that, we will be separate from the world as Jesus was and is.

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