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Separated Unto God – Observations

by on October 9, 2016

Separated Unto God – Observations

Separated from the world produces a focus on the world
Means constant adjustment to new developments in the world
Means need for rules to cover all possibilities
Means following rules that attempt to keep you from sin
You can follow the rules and not have a relationship with God
Means being different without a real reason for why
Creates a mindset of opposition to the surrounding culture
Creates a “not part of this world” attitude
Creates prescription – here is what you have to do
Can create aggressive attitudes
Produces reaction to modern developments
Has no specific sense of Holy Spirit leading
Focuses on God’s judgment
Focuses on our work for Him
Is found in our desire to be self-protective and defensive
Can produce a defensive mentality


Separated unto God produces a focus on God
Means constant attention to the Word of God and His call on our lives.
Means following principles and behaviors that do not change
Means following principles of truth from the Word of God
Love of God’s principles will keep you close to God’s heart
Means being different because we are God’s children
Creates a mindset of conformity to God and His Word
Creates a “not of this world” mentality of heart
Creates proscription – lists things that you should not do
Creates submission to God
Produces discernment relative to modern developments
Has constant sense of Holy Spirit leading
Focuses on God’s love
Focuses on God’s work in us
Is found in our desire to be protected and defended by God
Produces an acceptance mentality

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