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Separated Unto God – Results

by on October 30, 2016

Results of being separated unto God

The People
People become students of the Scripture
People grow more like Christ
People become disciples of Christ
People get to know the heart of God
People live the fruit of the Spirit
People express the gifts of the Spirit
People become Holy
People know truth
People have Divine power
People answer the call of God on their lives

The Leaders
Leaders are people who are servants
Leaders are people who are shepherds
Leaders are people who love truth
Leaders are people who are teachers
Leaders are people who are not arrogant

Discernment needed
To tell the difference between controllers and strong Godly leaders
Obedience to rules without heart connection produces empty lives
You can be separate from the world but not be separated unto God
Non-conformity to the world does not ensure conformity to God
Blind following is not discipleship
Discipleship is loving and serving the Lord
Non-resistance can become codified
Specific applications are not wrong
Principles must prevail in our application of the Scripture

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