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by on December 9, 2016


Who are they? What are they? What goes through their minds?

They see marriage, family, church, business, and government and they do not like what they see. Why should they? They see and experience the entire current system as dysfunctional. Their hypocrisy meters are hypersensitive. Their hypocrisy meters are pegged in the red zone.

They are not willing to pay the price to have the typical life. They do not need to. There are many options available to them.

They have so many options and opportunities: adventure, Bible school, jobs, money, missions, education, friendships with other mils, and on and on.

They are leaving the “normal” and going somewhere. They are not going to accept the business-as-usual approach that they inherited. Where are they going? They are not sure but they cannot and will not stay here. They are not going to be held captive to and by the reigning culture.

Are they thinking clearly? That is a question. That is not THE question. THE question is: what is life all about? What does it mean to live?

They have luxuries that many generations did not have. Money is available. Adventure is calling. Distractions are ubiquitous. Time is valuable. They value life and love more than tangibles. They have places to eat and sleep without working every waking moment.

Their greatest need is to see the need for foundation. God and His Word is the foundation. We have not demonstrated that to them. Who will tell them? Who will model that for them?

We have not explained that well. We have not modeled that well. We have not illustrated that well. We have not convinced them that what we have is worth having.

They have anxieties. Their subjective anxieties are very real. That is their suffering. That kind of suffering is not productive. Productive suffering produces Spiritual gain and maturity. They are able to escape that kind of suffering. They need that kind of suffering. They need to learn to suffer well. We have not modeled that well for them either.

We raised these people. They are us. We need to own them. We need to bless them. We need to love them. They will be here long after we are not. We must prepare them.

We must illustrate that: Marriage can be happy. Church can be worshipful. Life can be meaningful. Relationships can be helpful. Living can be joyful. Sin can be conquered. Struggles can be overcome. Politics can be avoided. People can be loved. People do not have to be conquered. Fears can be overcome. Longings can be realized. Scripture can come alive. Jesus can live in the heart. They need to learn that from us.

Millennials are heart people. They are people of the heart. If you want to reach them it will have to be through the heart. Your heart and theirs. The heart of God beating in both hearts is a language they understand. It is a language we must learn if we are to communicate. That is who they are. That is what we can learn from them.

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