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Enough to Go Around

by on December 21, 2016

Enough to Go Around

There is enough food in the world. There is enough food for everyone in the world. There is enough to go around. The problem is distribution. How to get the food to the people?

Some have too much. Some have too little. Some have none. Some will die. What can be done?

Some have enough food to become overweight. Some hoard. Some destroy. Some steal. Some refuse to share.

Some estimates have 40% of the food in the USA as being wasted. Why would that be? Why would we waste food?

This is a dire need. It is literally a life and death – life or death – situation. We all need food or we will die.

The good earth and the faithful farmers and the good Lord provide and have the ability to provide food for all the people on the earth now and into the future. All food is God’s food. He gives to us so we can share His food with others.

There is enough love in the world. There is enough love for everyone in the world. Once again, there is enough to go around. Why is there such a demand for love? Distribution. Some hoard. Some fear that they will not have enough if they share. Some refuse to share. Some demand. Some starve. Some will die. There is enough to go around.

It costs nothing. It costs everything. It cost God everything. It cost Jesus everything.

Your love is badly needed. Needed to supply starving people. People starved for love. People who need love or they will die. We all need love or we will die.

When we understand love, life will change. We lose nothing when we love. We gain. We become more than we were before. Our hearts grow larger in capacity and reach.

We are hurt by those who do not understand love and do not know how to love. Fear does not understand love. Bullies do not understand love. Manipulators do not understand love. Narcissists do not understand love. Who understands love? Anyone?

Those who have been so hurt, so low, so depressed and then have been rescued by someone who loved them… they understand love. They have experienced it first-hand. They know its power. They know its care. They know it’s springing up inside of them.

God’s people understand love. They have found it in Jesus Christ. He found them. He loved us first. God loved us first. He put us first. He reached out to us. He loved us so much that He gave…

Those who understand love, long to share and to give and to see the way love heals and helps and brings Heaven to earth. They love to find those who need love and surprise them with that unanticipated love that only those who understand love can understand.

Love is not suspicious, is not proud, is not boastful, does not hoard, never harms, expects nothing in return.

Love is always ready to bless. Actually goes looking for someone with whom to share love.

Who can you share love with today? Real, genuine, life-changing love? Be looking for those people. Share love with them and watch them grow into the beautiful people God made them to be. Watch yourself grow into the beautiful person the good Lord made you to be.

All love is God’s love. He gives to us so we can share His love with others. There is enough to go around.

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